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Save launch time and get more signups for your early-stage product with pre-launch gamified viral waitlists

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Waitlist form for the next launch

Beautiful pre-launch waitlist forms to match your website design

Powerful native founders, marketers, & developer-friendly forms to collect any data you want from your users. Super easy to integrate. No library or dependency is needed. Your users will love to sign up 💖

  • Pre-built copy/paste no-code widget
  • Design custom forms in your way
  • Collect data from multiple custom fields
  • Multiple ways to collect and submit the form
Waitlist form examples

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No database to manage
No code required
Unlimited customization

Automated waitlist growth

Grow your business and reach more people with gamified waitlist rewards

Let your users promote your product through viral referral marketing all while you're still building your MVP product. Your users will refer their friends and family to move up the waitlist. Put your pre-launch marketing on autopilot

  • Set viral rewards for your users
  • Create FOMO by leveraging waitlist referrals
  • Customize thank you page with your brand color, logo, CTA links, social links, and analytics
  • Inflate initial ranking position
Waitlist thank you page

Works with all frameworks and platforms

Get your users data anywhere with powerful plugins

Waitlist insights

Track and optimize your waitlist performance with clear analytics

Get powerful insights on your pre-launch waitlist campaign. You can easily track over 15 data points of each user and know about their location, browser name, device, languages, referral channels, UTM parameters, and more.

Waitlist analytics

Save development time, find early users, and launch your product faster

Protected from spams

Every email is checked for spam, so your waitlist will be free from spam. Also, an option to block temp email signups

Verify user emails via mail

Make sure signed up user is interested in your product by sending an automated mail to verify their email address

Easy to integrate

Save countless engineering hours. Just a few clicks and you're ready to receive signups from your users

Customizable at every part

100% customizable form to match your website design. Take full control over the look and feel of your signup form

Notifications when you need

Get notified when a new user is signed up for your waitlist. Get daily, alternate, and weekly notifications in your inbox

Local language support

Translate your waitlist emails, form, and thank you page text in your own language to increase conversions

Advanced Blocker

Block users from signing up with specific email domains and patterns to avoid spam and fake signups

Bring your team

Invite your team members to manage your waitlist. You can also assign permissions to each member

Viral referral marketing

Enable viral gamification referrals to reward top users. Your users refer their friends to move up the position. Win-win for everyone

High usability

Manage your users


Export data sheets


Automate data

Easily manage millions of users with powerful filtering and sorting options. Learn about their preferences, geography, and more in few clicks.

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Export your data in a spreadsheet format that you can easily import into your favorite spreadsheet software.

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Exported CSV sheet

Get data from your users in real-time. Automate your data collection and analysis with our powerful automation tools.

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Plugins automate data

Loved by indiehackers, makers, and founders

"We tried other waitlist solutions but none fit all our needs until we found LaunchList. Other options were expensive or did not have an easy way to integrate it with custom code.

LaunchList has good documentation so setting it up takes minutes, it's very customizable, and the team behind it is receptive to feedback and quick to help you. They even quickly implemented a feature we needed!"

Alex Boyd

Co-founder at Playsum

"LaunchList has helped us turn a boring waitlist that was generating a few sign-ups a day, into a booming, fun waitlist that is bringing in hundreds of sign-ups a day. We love it and our customers love it. A+ product!"

Nathan Covey

VP of Marketing at Galvan

"LaunchList made it SO easy to implement a waitlist -- I was able to integrate an initial waitlist into our Webflow site in 15 minutes. The documentation is clear and the team has also been incredibly helpful with quick responses whenever I had any follow-up questions. We are using the waitlist for giving early access to beta features, so the reset function on the waitlist has been super useful when moving people off the waitlist and giving them access."

William Bakst

Co-Founder & CEO at SOTAI

"LaunchList is a phenomenal product. It was easy to implement and customize to my brand. I highly recommend the product for anyone wanting to get a waitlist integrated into their webpage."

Allan Oloo

Founder at Ghol Finance

"I'm so glad I came across LaunchList. I had tried a few other pre-launch waitlist platforms (after trying to build it myself and failing!), and none of them had the features I was looking for. LaunchList made building the waitlist so easy. The team was really helpful and responsive too when I had a few questions as I was building my waitlist. Thanks heaps guys!"

Tessa Riley

Co-founder at Hey Jean

"Launchlist has been awesome. Super easy to integrate and we've been able to build a lot of hype prior to our launch!"

Haroon Ahmad

CEO at Proton Health

"I've been using LaunchList for almost a year, and it's simply fantastic. Its user-friendliness is a major plus, especially for someone in the video game industry like me. What really impresses me is how quickly the support team responds to my queries - their fast and helpful service is a standout feature. Watching my game's waitlist grow through LaunchList has been exciting. The tool's stepped cost one off cost structure was a big draw for me initially, and it's definitely been worth every penny. I feel confident that choosing LaunchList was the right decision for my business. It's been a reliable and effective tool for managing my game's launch.

Oscar Rickett

CEO at Glowfish Games

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