Get your waitlist users data anywhere with powerful plugins

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Automate your data anywhere with webhooks

Webhook is a way to get users data from your waitlist without any hassle. Just add your webhook URL and you are ready to go.

  • Get a notification when new users are added to your waitlist
  • Connect through Zapier/Make and integrate with thousands of apps
  • Get data directly to your email marketing software
  • Guaranteed delivery
Webhook settings


Connect with more than 3000+ apps with Zapier

Use Zapier to get new users data instantly to any app you want. Zapier is a powerful tool that connects your apps and automates workflows.

  • Create unlimited zaps for your waitlist
  • Connect with more than 3000+ apps available in Zapier
  • Instant delivery of data
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Get new users data to your slack instantly

Connect your Slack channel and get new users data in real-time to your Slack channel.

Slack settings

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