What's New

New updates and improvements to LaunchList.

New Features

Zapier Integration is here

We're releasing a new feature - the Zapier plugin, currently in beta. This plugin lets you send new submission data to any app on Zapier. You can also use Webhook with this plugin for more integrations.

Currently, we're providing two triggers: 'New Submission' and 'Email Verification'. The first will activate when a new user signs up to your waitlist while the second will activate when an email address gets verified.

For more information, please refer to our documentation at https://getlaunchlist.com/help/docs/plugins/zapier . If you have suggestions for more triggers, do let us know.

New Features

Block Temp Email Domains to Protect Your Waitlist ๐Ÿšซ

We are adding a new feature to block spam and malicious activity from signing up to your waitlist. This feature will block any email address that is associated with a domain on a list of over 3,000 blocked domains. This will help ensure that only legitimate emails are added to your waitlist.

Here is a more detailed explanation of how the feature works:

  • The feature will block any email address that is associated with a domain on a list of over 3,000 blocked domains. This list is maintained by LaunchList and is updated regularly to include new domains that are known to be used for spam or malicious activity. You can access the list at here.
  • When someone tries to sign up for your waitlist using an email address that is associated with a blocked domain, their request will be automatically rejected.
  • This feature will help to protect your waitlist from spam and other malicious activity, such as phishing attacks.

We hope this feature will help you keep your waitlist safe and secure.

New Features

Say goodbye to unwanted form submissions with referral and keyword pattern blocking!

What is it?

We've introduced a new feature to help you better control the quality of form submissions on your waitlist. 

Now, you can prevent spam, irrelevant leads, or low-quality entries by blocking them based on referral codes and keyword patterns. This way, you only get the most genuine submissions! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Block emails by pattern

How to block by referral code?

Go to your waitlist settings, locate the "Blocks" section, and...

Simply enter the referral code you want to block, separate them with commas, and save them! ๐Ÿš€

How to block by keyword pattern?

What are keyword blocks?

A keyword block pattern is a method used in spam filtering to block emails that contain specific keywords or phrases. The pattern is designed to identify and prevent messages that include certain words or combinations of words that are often associated with spam, phishing, or other malicious content.

Example -

  • To block all emails from a specific domain, such as example.com, you can use the pattern *@example.com.
  • To block emails from any Gmail address that starts with "john", you can use the pattern john*@gmail.com.
  • To block emails from any Yahoo address that ends with "support", you can use the pattern *[email protected].

Basically, the asterisk (*) represents any string of characters, so you can use it to match different parts of an email address. By combining different patterns with commas, you can create a list of email patterns that you want to block.

How to use it?

Simply go to your waitlist settings, find the "Blocks" section,

Input your list of keyword patterns (separated by commas) and save up! ๐ŸŒŸ

Now your site's forms will automatically filter out any submissions from unwanted referral sources or with keywords matching your defined patterns. This update provides an additional layer of protection against spam and improves overall form submission quality.

New Features

Check if email is genuine

We have launched a new feature: Email validation. This feature will help you ensure the authenticity and reliability of the emails on your waiting list, so you can be confident that your messages are reaching the right people.

Here are some of the benefits of the email validation feature:

  • It checks for syntax errors, so the emails on your waiting list are properly formatted and less likely to be rejected by the recipient's email server.
  • It checks for hard bounces, so you can avoid sending messages to non-existent or invalid email addresses.
  • It checks for risky domains, so you can avoid sending messages to domains that are often associated with spam or fraudulent activities.
  • It checks for disposable domains, so you can avoid sending messages to temporary or throwaway email addresses that may be used for spamming or other unwanted activities.
  • It checks for duplicates, so you can avoid sending multiple messages to the same email address.
  • It checks for spam traps, so you can avoid sending messages to email addresses that are specifically set up to catch spam.
  • It checks for business domains, so you can be sure that the emails on your waiting list are from legitimate business email addresses.
  • It checks for deliverability, so you can have a better idea of how likely your messages are to be successfully delivered to the recipient's inbox.

To access this feature, simply purchase credits from add-on settings. Click here to buy credits now.

Make sure to turn "Auto validate email on signup" in settings to auto-validate all new emails. To validate the existing list, click the "Validate all emails" in bulk action on the submission page.

We hope you find the email validation feature to be a valuable addition to our tool. 


Custom logo for emails and branded buttons

Display your logo on the welcome and verification emails. Additionally, customize the colour of the button on the email template to match your brand colour.

New Features

ReCaptcha Spam Protection ๐Ÿšซ

Are you getting lots of spam signups?

Instructions to block spam:

  1. Go to https://www.google.com/recaptcha/.
  2. Navigate to the admin console.
  3. Create a new site.
  4. Make sure you select reCAPTCHA v2.
  5. Add your website's domain.
  6. Integrate the site key on your website (https://developers.google.com/recaptcha/docs/display).
  7. Copy the secret key.
  8. Open your waitlist settings page and scroll down to find the "Enable Google Recaptcha protection".
  9. Paste the secret key into the Google recaptcha key field.

Now, whenever a new user joins your waitlist we will verify the user and store it in your waitlist submission otherwise reject the request. 


Translate static texts in your language

Need to show content in your language? LaunchList now supports modifying text values to your language.

Go to your waitlist settings page, scroll down, and "Translation" section.

Modify the text with the choice of language.


4 more social share buttons

More ways for your users to share your website link. We have added support for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Reddit, Telegram, VK, and email.

thank-you-page.png 42.93 KB
If you want to see more buttons, please let us know.


Send emails ๐Ÿ“ง with your domain ๐Ÿ”—

We have added support to send emails with your custom domain instead of the default LaunchList ([email protected])

This feature will completely Whitelabel the emailer and your user will not see the LaunchList branding anywhere.

How to integrate?

Go to your waitlist settings and click on the "Add a custom domain" in the Email settings section.

Add Domain

Add the DNS on your domain nameserver to verify your domain. Once added, click on the "Verify DNS records" to check the status.

Verify DNS

Create a new email address by adding from name and email address and clicking the "Create" button.

Add your email
Close the modal select the newly created email address from the dropdown and save the settings.
Select your email
Once successfully integrated, your new emails will be sent through your custom domain.

New Features

Block spams ๐Ÿคฎ with Honeypot method ๐Ÿ

What is the Honeypot method?

A honeypot field in an HTML form is a hidden input field designed to work out whether or not it is a spam bot submitting your contact form, comments form, or similar.

Add  below code to catch spam users and automatically block them to sign up

<input type="hidden" name="_gotcha" />

If the bot fills in the Honeypot input we will return the user back to your website.


Social media icons in mails โค๏ธ๐Ÿ“งโœจ

If you are sending welcome or verification emails, you'll see your social media icons automatically added at the end of the mail.
This will help increase social media following.


Update spots to jump

Customize the number of spots a referred user moves up on a successful referral.

The default spot jump is 5. You can customize the number of up to 30 spots.

Modify Position To Move


Custom input fields

We have made it easy to collect data from multiple input fields even hidden fields. You can now build complex forms. Learn how to integrate at https://getlaunchlist.com/help/docs/widget/integrate-widget#custom-widget


Inflate position

No one likes an empty waitlist. Now, easily modify the initial position from your waitlist settings. The new submission position will start from the below number. The number should be greater than the last submission position.

You can set any position you want

New Features

Add trackers on Thank you page

If you want to monitor conversions on your landing page, we have developed a tracking code that can be inserted into the <head> section. This code allows you to easily incorporate Google Analytics, Ads Conversion, LinkedIn ads, or any other tracking service onto your Thank You page. 

To add the tracking code, simply access your waitlist settings page and locate the code in the Customize thank you page section. Paste the code and save your changes. Your tracking will then be implemented on the thank you page.

New Features

Webhook is now live! ๐Ÿ””

Webhook is the most requested feature on LaunchList. We have received a lot of messages to integrate the webhook to take user data when a user signs up. So, we pushed our earlier plan to add webhooks to the highest priority.

Webhook is now active on your waitlist. You can find the webhook settings on your waitlist page on the Plugins page.

Currently, you can use webhook to get notified when a new user signs up. In the future, we will add support to get notified when the user confirms their email and when the user's position changes.

Play around with Webhook and please share your feedback.

New Features

Connect Slack to get new user details instantly

Go to the integration page to connect your Slack and get a notification whenever a new user signs up.

New Features

Integrate widget with custom code (Do it yourself)

Some users requested a way to customize the UI/UX of the widget. We understand every website has its own design guidelines to follow. An embed using iframe has a limited number of customization.

If you want complete control over the widget, follow the below steps to learn how to add a widget using custom code. Or head over to your waitlist integration page.

Step 1 - Create your form and replace the form's action endpoint with the one below. Make sure your form has a class name 
launchlist-form and method is set to "POST"

<form class="launchlist-form" action="http://getlaunchlist.com/s/PUBLIC_KEY" method="POST">

Replace the PUBLIC_KEY with your waitlist key. You can find your waitlist key on the integration page.

Step 2 - Create an input to collect name and email.

<input name="name" type="text"> <input name="email" type="email">

Step 3. Add some JS to the head so we can track the referrals.


Integrate widget using Embed

We made the widget fasterโšกYou can now use the iFrame to integrate the widget.

  • Quick to load
  • Easy to customize
  • Work on any framework without depending upon the framework

How to use it?

  1. Paste the widget script in the `<head>` section of your page
<script src="http://getlaunchlist.com/js/widget.js" defer></script>
  1. Paste the following code anywhere on your page where you want to display the form
<div class="launchlist-widget" data-key-id="PUBLIC_KEY"></div>

Replace the `PUBLIC_KEY` with your waitlist key. You can find your waitlist key on the integration page.

CodePen Examples


View user details from dashboard

View user location, browser, device, platform, language, timezone, and more from your dashboard. Head over to your waitlist submissions page and click on the email address to view user details in the popup.

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