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How it works

Step 1. Copy and paste the below code into the <head> section
<script src="https://getlaunchlist.com/js/widget.js" defer></script>
Step 2. Paste the following code anywhere on your page where you want to display the form

Platforms list

Do you have any questions?

My framework is not listed

Don't worry if your framework or platform is not listed here. LaunchList widget can be integrated in multiple ways in all kinds of websites. You can use embed iFrame or custom form to integrate LaunchList widget.

I don't know coding, can I still integrate these forms?

Yes, LaunchList widget by copy pasting the two lines into your website. With our widget customization settings, you customize to match your website design without ever typing single bit of code.

How much time will it take to integrate on my website?

It won't take more than 5 minutes to integrate embed widget on your website. If you are using, custom form then it will depend upon the customization you want.

Can you help me install these on our platform?

Yes, we will be happy to help you integrate on your website. Just send us a message by clicking on the live chat icon at bottom right or send an email at [email protected].

Where is data saved when the form is submitted?

When the form is submitted, the data is saved to our secured database. You can access the submission list on your waitlist submission page.

Can I download the data?

Yes, at any time you can export all or selected submissions data in CSV format. You can find the settings in "Bulk Actions" in your submissions page.

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