Prefinery Alternative

LaunchList is easy to use and powerful Prefinery alternative to building a viral pre-launch waiting list

Looking for a Prefinery alternative?

LaunchList is the best solution to build a waiting list for your startup. Whether you're launching a new product or validating an idea, the LaunchList waitlist widget is beautifully designed to help you grow your audience.

  • Beautifully designed widget
  • Easy to use
  • Free plans
  • Faster widget
  • Pay once use forever
  • 24x7 Support

Integrating LaunchList is easy and takes less than 5 minutes to run your first campaign.
Take a look at the features in the table below that we offer right out of the box to help you get started easily.

Features Prefinery
Starting plan $19 - lifetime access $49 per month
Free plan Available for up to 100 users Available for up to 100 users
Pricing for 10K users $49 - lifetime access $129 per month
Embed form builder
Basic Custom forms
Advanced Custom forms
Referral management
Referral management
Email verification
Inflate position rank
Custom thank you page
AJAX form submission

Ready to grow your idea?

Integrate waitlist form on your website in just 5 minutes

Integrate waitlist
Free for first 100 submissions
No credit card required
Lifetime access
Live chat support