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Welcome to LaunchList 🙏

LaunchList is a tool to build a pre-launch waiting list with the in-built referral management system. With LaunchList you can build early user lists, connect with them, and validate your idea. Our vision is to help your product launch be successful.

Why build a pre-launch waitlist?

  • Talk to early users
  • Collect feedback from early users
  • Save development and engineering team time
  • Validate your idea
  • Create FOMO

Why viral referral system?

  • Build hype before the actual product launch
  • Automate your marketing while still building your product
  • 10 times more signups than a simple HTML form

How does it work?

LaunchList makes it easy to start and collect signups. In a few clicks, your landing page is ready to receive signups.

  1. Create your waitlist
  2. Integrate on your website
  3. Launch your website and view your submissions
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